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How to Get Your Business To The Top Of Google Maps
"The three most important things to consider when trying to get your business in the top 3 positions of the Map Pack are; relevance, proximity, and prominence."
Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’re probably very aware of Google’s Map Pack occupying at least the top three search results of most local business or service related queries. If your business is not listed in those top three map results, you’re seriously missing out on a lot of phone calls and/or new leads.

Below you will find in-depth information about the Google Map Pack and what it will take for you to beat out your competition and put your business in position to gain more visibility and boost brand awareness so you can make more money.
Edit Your Google My Business Listing Title
Probably the most influential variable Google uses to rank businesses in regards to their keywords is the listing title. This is a simple, yet often overlooked, change you can make right now and immediately see positive results. If you can get your keywords into your Google My Business listing title, it is highly recommended to do so.

As an example, let’s say hypothetically you owned a carpet cleaning business in London, and the name of your business is Home Solutions. You’re could (and most businesses do) use “Home Solutions” as your business title, but you could add something like, “Home Solutions Carpet Cleaning London” as your title and people would still recognize your brand, obviously. And having “carpet cleaning London” right there in your title would give you a huge boost towards achieving a top 3 placement.

For some businesses, this simple change alone is enough to vault them into the Map Pack. We’ve seen some of our clients jump from nowhere right to the top almost immediately after making the change. Give it a shot! Just be sure to make the keywords fit into your business name if at all possible.
Google Loves Google
If you’re trying to gain more visibility and exposure for your business, there aren’t a lot of better places to do that (for free) than Google. More people do a search on Google than on any other search engine, and it’s not even close. So it makes sense to utilize everything they give you to really optimize your free exposure.

In Google My Business, you have the ability to create your own business website! This site is push button easy to create and it gives you another platform to showcase your business for free. Since Google loves Google, we often see these sites outranking many other competitors and giving our clients multiple page one listings.

GMB (Google My Business) also gives you many other tools you can use to promote your business, and all of these should be utilized. Here’s a brief rundown of the tools Google gives you to help promote your business…
  • Posts: Google gives you the ability to post to your GMB listing. You can update customers on everything from business hours to discounts, specials and giveaways. Or you can post helpful information related to your industry or locale. No matter what, Google rewards those who keep their listing up to date, and utilizing the posts option will help do just that.
  • Photos: Showcase photos of your business and employees. People love to be able to see who they are working with and what the place looks like before they call or visit. It adds an extra layer of trust, and there are some other sneaky things you can do with image metatags to help your business listing rank even higher. (Inquire about our free business audit for more information.)
  • Reviews: Another heavy ranking factor are the reviews on your Google listing. This is where your customers can go to rate their experience and leave a review. The more 5-star reviews your business gets, the easier it will be to get into the targeted Map Pack. Not only that, but getting your customers to leave longer reviews (with contextual keywords) will help even more so. So if you don’t have a process in place to get these kind of reviews, it’s a good idea to start.

Sign Up For Your Free Map Pack Audit

If you are a business owner looking for more information about what it will take to push your listing into the Map Pack, be sure to sign up for our free Map Pack audit. Once you are signed up, we will provide you with a detailed report and action item checklist that goes over EXACTLY what you will need to do.
Citations are nothing more than listings of your business on the various business directories that are available for all businesses. If you aren’t getting citations, this could be what is holding you back from moving your listing up into the Map Pack. The competitors you see in the Map Pack are likely using citations. It’s your objective to equal or exceed your competitor’s citations in amount and quality.

This means not only should you focus on the number of citations to get, but you should also focus on getting them from quality sources.

A recent study done by Bright Local found that businesses occupying the top 3 positions in the Map Pack have an average of 85 citations…

“There is a strong correlation between the number of citations a business has, and how high it appears in Google’s search results. Local businesses that rank in positions 1-3 have an average of 85 citations.” - Bright Local

The top citation sites for local businesses include Facebook, Yelp, MapQuest, YellowPages, Manta, Local Yahoo, SuperPages, WhitePages, DexKnows and Biz Standing. So if you’re not sure where to find citations for your business, start with these.

Most citations are free, but there are paid options as well. What you need to get will depend on what your competition has. An audit of your competition will need to be done to determine this, which we are now providing for free for a limited time. Sign Up Here to get started.
Social Ring
Besides business directories, you’ll want to create your own social network around your business. Create business pages at social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You should also utilize blog options like Blogger (owned by Google), Tumblr, Wordpress, LiveJournal and more. There are 22 total social rings that we setup for each of our clients. Ask us for that list if you are interested.

Once you have your social ring setup, it is important to interlink your properties. Facebook should have links to your website, Twitter page, Blogger, GMB, etc. And all of those properties should link out to all of the others and vice-versa.

You should also be posting to these social networks fairly often. You can utilize tools like to help with this, or you can hire a company like Web Einstein to set this up and automate it for you as well.
What You Need to Know
The three most important things to consider when trying to get your business in the top 3 positions of the Map Pack are relevance, proximity, and prominence.


Relevance has to do with making sure your business shows up on Google searches when it should. There are things you can do and you will have to consider to make sure you are sending all of the right signals to Google.

Making sure to choose the right local category selections in your listing and your citations will help Google understand what your business is about. You want to make sure that they all match accordingly. Make sure you business’s NAP’s (name, address, phone number) are 100% the same everywhere you are listed.

Optimizing your sites content and metatags to make sure they are relevant with all of your listings and citations is very important and will go a long ways in helping you rank well for the keywords you want to rank for.


A sneaky ranking factor that matters now more than ever is the proximity of the searcher to your business. Generally speaking, the closer the searcher is to your business, the more likely it is that that searcher will get your business in their search results. But there are a few things you can do to let Google know you are, and should be, listed all around your city (or wherever it is you want to rank).

Content on your site about your locale helps with proximity searches. If you want to rank for search terms in London, add content on your site, blogs and other social networks about London. And in that content, insert driving directions (using Google's embedded iFrame code) either to or from “places of interest” to your place of business.

Do this for every location you are trying to rank for to improve your proximity rankings.


Google wants to rank businesses that are not only relevant, but they want to rank the most prominent, well-known and reviewed businesses as well. To increase your prominence score in Google’s eye, continue working on getting great reviews and continue picking up citations and links from places Google values as authoritative.

Remember, Google is gathering information about your business from across the web on a constant basis. The more positive information it gets, the higher the likelihood they will be to rank your business. Obviously this won’t (and shouldn’t) happen overnight, but as long as you are working on all of the things listed above in this article, you will eventually see results.
Limited Time Free Map Pack Audits
If you don’t want to take on this venture alone and would rather outsource it to the professionals, we are here to help! We’ve accomplished Map Pack rankings for 100% of our clients and would love to work with you to achieve the same.

Web Einstein is a London based web marketing agency that specializes in Map Pack rankings, mainly for small to medium sized local businesses. If you have a local business anywhere in the UK, we’d love to partner up with you to help you increase your businesses visibility so you can get more leads and make more money!

You can call us at +44 (0) 2039742513 or sign up here for a free Map Pack audit to get started.
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